Sell Property

Selling a HomeSelling a house is our market requires some serious planning, a thorough comparative market analysis that leads to a fair list price, careful preparation of the house, a dynamic marketing plan, and a very large amount of work on the part of your Realtor to insure every detail of the process is executed with precison.  In order to get the maximum return on your financial investment, in the shortest time frame possible, both seller and Realtor need to work closely together as a team.  The trust factor in this relationship is absolutely critical.  Trust starts with understanding the process, believing in the plan and good communication.  All of that is what I work so hard to achieve.

To assist you in establishing a measureable plan to sell you home, here is a 7 step process that will help you sell your home at the highest market price, and within a time frame that meets your personal needs.

7 Steps to Selling you House!

  1. Are you Ready to Sell?
  2. Select a Realtor
  3. Determining the Listing Price
  4. Marketing Your Home
  5. FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Negotiating/Accepting the Offer
  7. Closing / Move Out

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