Heart Of A Champion

Linda Dietrich
Do you believe in angels?

I do, and I know one by the name of Linda Dietrich, and she lives here in the Denver area!  How many people do you know who have dedicated years to helping others in the most difficult circumstances we can face?  Linda Dietrich does it every day as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse at St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver.  She rotates between all four ICU's at the hospital and has provided loving care to people who have the worst physical trauma possible.

Most of us have only read about, seen television reports, or certainly have had limited experience regarding the most severely injured patients that are admitted to the ICU at St. Anthony's.  An urban hospital treats the most gruesome injuries imaginable.  Linda has dedicated her work life to treating these most unfortunate people with the greatest tenderness, love and compassion imaginable.  She has held the hand of many dying patients and has seen firsthand the very profound impact of severe accident injuries.  Having heard just a sampling of the challenges Linda faces every day has given me such a deep appreciation for her courage, huge heart for people and service to those in very difficult circumstances.

Linda is from Bristol, Virginia and finished her schooling in Valdosta, Georgia.  After high school, she enlisted in the US Air Force and became an expert in the maintenance of the auto pilot system in the B 52 bomber.  After serving her country, she got her nurses training and lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she began working as a nurse in ICU, and at the same time, owned a Gold's Gym!

After moving to Colorado, she began working for a donor alliance company that procures organs for patients in need of transplants.  And, she has been at St. Anthony's for the past six years.

It is with great pleasure that I can make Linda the first recipient of the Heart of a Champion recognition award on my website.  Linda is the perfect example of someone who puts other people's needs first and has the courage to deal with the heart breaking trauma that she sees on a daily basis.  How remarkable that she can work in such a challenging field and yet she maintains one of the most outgoing, and fun, personalities of anyone I ahve had the pleasure of knowing.

Linda Dietrich certainly has the Heart of a Champion!