Step 7 – The inspection process

Due DiligenceNow that we have a finalized purchase agreement, the clock starts running for many items needed to meet the requirements of the agreement and provide you protection under the law. If requested, I will assist you finding qualified responsible professionals to do these investigations and they will provide you with written reports to help you make an informed decision about going forward with the purchase.

Specifically, you will want to have an inspection of the property for such things as: the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, the foundation, walls, flooring and windows. You will want to see a report of title on the property.  If you are getting a loan,  your mortgage lender will require an independent appraisal of the property.

Any problems noted during the inspection are subject to additional negotiations between you and the Sellers. Again, this will be an area where my experience and experise will help facilitate this process. If you are not comfortable with the inspection resolution with the Seller, you will have the right to terminate the contract, if acted upon in the time frame defined in the purchase contract.

Step 8: Closing and Possession

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