Buy a Home

Buying a HomeBuying a home doesn't have to be a difficult process.  Let's get started by providing the answers to the most common questions.  Here is a comprehensive 8 step process that will help you understand the steps necessary to buy a "Colorado Lifestyle" home that will not only meet your needs but add a totally new dimension of enjoyment to your life!  Any questions you may have that aren't addressed here can be easily answered by contacting me.

8 Steps to Buying a Home:

  1. Select a Realtor
  2. Do you need a loan?
  3. What do you really want?
  4. Deciding what properties to see
  5. Due diligence
  6. Making the offer
  7. The inspection process
  8. Closing / Possession

Click Here to go to Step 1: Choose a Realtor

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