Tom Sund is the most honest and awesome Realtor I know. When my grandmother passed away, I enlisted Tom's expertise in selling her home. It was a low end, small property but he went beyond measure to sell the property. He kept me well informed of every detail and how things were progressing. I never once had to call him for information―he always called me first. he marketed the property so well that her estate received a fair value in a short period of time. The home was for sale during the snow season and he even volunteered to speak to her neighbor regarding shoveling snow if it need done. He was so polite and convincing to the neighbor that the neighbor agreed to shovel for free! If you need an honest, hard-working gentleman, Tom Sund should be your first and only choice. I recommend him VERY highly! 
~Sharon McDonald

     We moved here from out of state and over the course of several weeks of house hunting Tom showed us over 50 homes. He continually refined the search with one goal in mind, that we be completely satisfied with our new home. The result is the nicest and most comfortable home we ever owned.
     Tom personally handled the purchase negotiations, oversaw the home inspection and attended the closing since we were involved in similar activities 800 miles away. It's very special when your Realtor greets you and the moving truck at your new home with keys and a smile. Tom is thorough, professional and personally involved; what a great way to conduct business!
~George and Sharon Quittner

     We had the good fortune of meeting Tom Sund during our search for our first home. He quickly became not only our Realtor, but someone we consider a friend. He has bought and sold homes for everyone in our immediate family since we met.
     Tom is the definition of integrity. He is a wonderful businessman who puts his clients' needs first. he is honest and upfront, always making sure the home buyer/seller is represented fairly. Tom wants only the best for his clients. He is very understanding of his client's needs and does his best to find a home that satisfies all of them. He is not eh kind of realtor that would show people a home above their price rante and he always makes sure that his clients feel empowered and comfortable about what they can afford and how much things will really cost. There is nothing hidden with Tom.
     In the aforementioned purchase of our first home, Tom quickly discovered that the title company had given him more money than he was entitled to receive from the sale. Before we were even on the highway after closing on our home, Tom was calling us and letting us know there had been an error. He demonstrates such an integrity and honesty that is rarely experienced in this day and age.
     I am not comfortable making referrals to friends in almost every case, except when they are buying or selling their house. Without hesitation, I would refer my friends, family, even an employer, to Tom. I know without a doubt that they would only have a wonderful experience with Tom and that they would be treated kindly and fairly. You can't go wrong working with him, and because of this we would never consider using another Realtor.
~ Chris & Christi King

     It's hard to believe about 10 years ago we asked Tom to list our home to sell. We were building a home in the mountains. We were very pleased with Tom's efforts and the time he put into selling our home in Lakewood. If I remember correctly our home sold in 51 days, during a real cold spell in Denver. We were so grateful to God for all He did through Tom Sund.
     We also recommended to our former neighbors to have Tom sell their homes. They were also very pleased with his professional work. we will recommend him again. Thank you Tom Sund for a job well done! 
~Dick & Jean Muehlbauer